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Thank you

Dear  [Defender of Israel],

As a Christian who loves Israel and the Jewish people, I want to thank you for your bravery and sacrifice as you serve your country. Please know that you have my full support as a member of Christians United for Israel, and the love and prayers of millions of Christians like me are with you every day.

Outside of Israel, we know that the enemies you face are also our enemies. We stand with you and with all the people of Israel. May the Lord keep you safe from all harm and give you a strong spirit. May the Lord give you wisdom to know how to act in difficult situations, and may He fill your heart with peace. We pray the Lord will give you victory over your enemies, but above all we pray that you and every person in Israel will be able to live in peace.

Thank you for sacrificing so much to make Israel stronger and safer. Because of you, the rest of the world is stronger and safer, too.

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