Tell Congress to Save Women's Sports!

Fifty years ago, on June 23, 1972, Title IX became law, granting federal protections for female athletes and women’s athletics. Now, Title IX and all that it protects is in jeopardy. The Biden Administration is doing everything it can to undermine the safety, equality, and opportunities of female athletes. Thankfully Kentucky and other states are pushing back, but Congress has the ability to stop them.

The nation recently watched with dismay as a male swimmer was awarded first place in the NCAA Women’s Swimming Championship. At this event, the NCAA forced women, including UK swimmer Riley Gaines, to compete with a male and girls everywhere lost. America’s girls deserve better.

And America agrees with saving girls’ sports. Despite efforts from the “woke” Biden Administration and the NCAA, 18 states including Kentucky, now have laws that protect girls’ sports. Polling consistently shows Americans believe girls should have their own sports.

The ball is now in Congress’ court, and the discharge petition for Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act will reveal which Members of Congress truly believe in equal opportunities for women. Tell your Member of Congress to save girls sports.

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