Support the Empowering Families in Education Act 

SB1278 Would Empower Parents and Protect Students 

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The Empowering Families in Education Act, Senate Bill 1278, sponsored by Senator Scott Martin and Senator Ryan Aument, both Lancaster County Republicans, is much needed legislation that respects parental rights by addressing gender ideology coercion and inappropriate sexual materials for children in the classroom. 

The bill will do the following:

  • Prohibit classroom instruction on gender identity and sexual orientation for pre-kindergarten through fifth grade students, consistent with existing academic standards on general sex education beginning in sixth grade.
  • Prevent advocacy and coercion of gender identity and sexual orientation issues in the remaining grades.
  • Prohibit a school from withholding information from parents about their child.

The primary goals of the bill are to prevent coercion, improve transparency, and ensure parents have the opportunity to participate in making decisions about their own child’s education. The bill would not ban students from discussing issues of sexual orientation and gender identity in school settings, just like students can discuss religious beliefs. 

Email your State Senator and ask for them to support the Empowering Families in Education Act SB 1278.

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