Take Action: Stop Harmful Marijuana Legalization in Pennsylvania
Smoke and mirrors can't hide the many harms it would bring.

Some Pennsylvania politicians are prioritizing full marijuana legalization, which is why your State Senator and State Representative need to hear from you about the harms of this dangerous proposal that comes at one of the worst times.

  • While Pennsylvania schools are struggling to operate and educate children, recreational marijuana would harm more children. States that fully legalize are seeing a rise in youth use [1] and have dangerously high potent marijuana products being sold in more stores than McDonalds and Starbucks combined. [2] It’s why groups like American Academy of Pediatrics [3] and American Academy of Family Physicians [4] oppose its legalization and commercialization. 
  • While frontline health care workers continue to battle COVID, recreational marijuana legalization can put more strain on our healthcare system. States show increases in ER visits after legalization [5] and marijuana use is significantly linked to serious harms for mental health and addiction rates. [6]
  • While overdose deaths are spiking and the opioid epidemic continues, recreational marijuana is anything but a solution.  Pennsylvania is still trying to effectively manage the state’s medical marijuana program and marijuana use has been shown to make the development of substance abuse worse. [7]

In addition to the health risks, revenue projections from marijuana legalization in PA are grossly inflated [8] and black market sales continues to thrive in legalized states. [9]

If we prioritize safety and the well-being of all Pennsylvanians, we should oppose the full legalization and commercialization of marijuana.

Take Action: Please contact your State Senator and State Representative to oppose any legalization of marijuana for recreational use. 

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