Stop the Expansion of Predatory Gambling:
HB 606 is Bad Policy for Kentucky & HB 608 Must Be Fixed With Senate Floor Amendment 3

Gambling advocates are making a final push on HB 606 that would "legalize" betting on sports and more. And without Senate Floor Amendment 3 (by Sen. Westerfield), HB 608 threatens to expand the authority of the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission and Lottery Commission to determine what is and isn't considered gambling --- that could lead to a massive expansion of predatory gambling.

Please contact your KY Legislators to OPPOSE HB 606 and SUPPORT Senate Floor Amendment 3 to HB 608!

A Few Big Problems with Predatory Gambling Expansion:

  • The Family is Targeted , Athletes Become Pawns and Targets, Government Will Be Corrupted, and the Vulnerable Will Be Destroyed 

Complete info below to identify your KY Sen. & Rep. -- then send them & Senate leadership an email on next page!

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