Humanity in Healthcare Act: Kentucky's Pro-Omnibus Bill

Rep. Nancy Tate's HB 3 - the Humanity Healthcare Act, a pro-life omnibus bill, will be voted on by the full Senate soon.

The bill have several important pro-life provisions, including:

  • Prohibits abortion-inducing drugs from being provided by courier, delivery, or mail service or in any school facility or on state grounds.
  • Prohibits payment of taxpayer funds to any organization or individual that performs, induces, refers for, or counsels in favor of abortions.
  • Closes consent loophole for performing an abortion on a minor
  • Provides for dignified disposal of fetal remains
  • Expands statistical reporting system for abortion including an audit by CHFS
  • KY Board of Pharmacy would create certification program for physicians, manufacturers and distributors of abortion-inducing drugs and implement a complaint portal to report violations

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