Down Syndrome Protection Act

Under current Pennsylvania law, eugenics is not only legal, but something that is actively being pushed. It is legal for a baby to be aborted simply because they have a prenatal Down syndrome diagnosis. 

Many times, when parents are given this news about their baby, a focus is placed on all of the limitations and difficulties their child may face and they feel pressured to abort. They are typically not given all of their options, the hope that many of these children will live fulfilling lives, nor the joy that children with Down syndrome bring their families. 

Tragically, a Down syndrome diagnosis has practically become a death sentence for unborn children, and the vast majority of these babies are aborted simply because of a disability. 

A diagnosis of Down syndrome should never be a reason to terminate a child. All life is priceless and worth saving and Down syndrome is no exception. Pennsylvania’s Down Syndrome Protection Act would add protection for any unborn child from being aborted solely due to a diagnosis of possible Down syndrome.

Please use this form to contact your State Senator and ask them to support House Bill 1500, the Down Syndrome Protection Act.

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