Protect People of Faith from Being Canceled: Oppose HB 11, 12, 15 & SB 137

House Bill 12 and Senate Bill 137, the so-called "Conversion Therapy Ban," would ban the Gospel message that change is possible, making biblical counseling illegal and purging Christian therapists, while also establishing the first step towards silencing pastors and others. 

House Bills 11 & 15 are designed to persecute people of faith across Kentucky, including religious business owners, for their Christian views on marriage and human sexuality. Similar "sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI)" laws have been used in Louisville, Lexington, and around the nation to cancel people of faith from living out their religious beliefs and values.

Act today and tell your Kentucky State Senator and Representative to oppose HB 12 & SB 137 (The Biblical Counseling Ban) and HB 11 & 15 (Persecuting People of Faith)!

Please complete info below to identify your State Senator and Representative - then send your email on the next page!

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