Save Women's Sports Act: Protecting Fair Play in Kentucky

UPDATE: After receiving final passage from the KY General Assembly, Governor Andy Beshear (D) has vetoed the commonsense "Save Women's Sports Act." Now we need you to urge your KY legislators to override Beshear's veto!

“Kentucky girls and women deserve a fair playing field,” said David Walls, executive director of The Family Foundation. “Kentuckians overwhelmingly support this commonsense bill, but unfortunately, Gov. Beshear chose to side with his woke political base instead of Kentucky’s female athletes. Biology matters, especially in sports, and we look forward to the General Assembly overriding Beshear’s tone-deaf veto so that women’s sports in Kentucky can be protected.”

Allowing males to compete in women’s sports destroys fair competition and women’s athletic opportunities, making girls spectators in their own sports.

Complete info below to identify your KY Rep. & Sen. - then you can email them on next page!

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