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While President Biden's Fiscal Year 2022 (FY22) budget request is not expected until late spring, conversations are underway about FY22 appropriations. Some members of Congress are likely to push for an overall cap on non-defense “discretionary” (non-entitlement) spending so low that funding increases for NIH and other research agencies would not be feasible.

Our nation cannot afford to shortchange R&D at the expense of medical and public health progress, economic competitiveness, and our country’s ability to out-innovate threats.
Use this editable email to urge your Members of Congress to weigh in with Budget Committee leadership in support of budget parameters that enable a bold increase in R&D.

You can also use the editable Tweet to Tweet at the President and urge him to include robust increases for our nation’s research agencies in his budget request. Faster health, medical, and scientific progress is at stake!
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