Ask your state lawmakers: Reject Retail Marijuana Bills, No Recreational-Use Pot Shops in My Neighborhood

HB2210 & SB 846 would commercialize high-potency THC marijuana for recreational use, create big government, and hurt families. 

Marijuana legalization is bad policy for Pennsylvania families. Its retail sale for recreational use would allow the marijuana industry to market and commercialize the sale of high-potency THC products and set up our government to encourage more use of this dangerous and addictive drug.

This harmful policy is being proposed in Pennsylvania with House Bill 2210, led by Rep. Amen Brown (D-Philadelphia) and Senate Bill 846, led by Sen Sharif Street (D-Philadelphia) and Sen. Dan Laughlin (R-Erie).

  • HB 2210 / SB 846 would increase big government. States experimenting with retail marijuana legalization have allowed local municipalities to opt-out of pot shops in their community - and the majority of municipalities in states like Colorado, California, and New Jersey have opted out. HB 2210 / SB 846 would not allow any local municipalities to opt-out, forcing your neighborhood to have to comply with a pot shop selling marijuana for recreational purposes. 
  • HB 2210 / SB 846 does not set any potency caps. Today’s marijuana industry has chemically manufactured high levels of THC to produce products upwards of 90% THC. There is strong evidence that shows high-potency THC is causing a higher rate of harm, particularly among young users. Combined with the fruit flavorings that often resemble a kids’ menu, it’s alarming to see what a retail marijuana market would allow in these proposed bills.
  • HB 2210 / SB 846 would cause more harm to Pennsylvania families, particularly children. There have been a host of social costs in states experimenting with retail marijuana, with more car accidents and fatalities, more ER visits, more mental health problems, more workplace safety risks, and more young users. Every major health association is opposed to retail marijuana legalization for recreational use.

Your state representative and state senator need to hear from you about your concerns with retail marijuana legalization and their attempt to set up more pot shops than Starbucks and McDonalds combined in Pennsylvania! Take action and tell your lawmakers to vote NO!

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