Contact State Senate President Nick Scutari by Monday, April 15 to remove Serena Rice's nomination to the State Board of Education.

Serena Rice’s nomination to the State Board of Education was pulled from the Senate agenda on March 18 because of the advocacy efforts of parents across New Jersey! Thousands contacted their state senator to express their objections about Serena’s record of making anti-parent social media postings that are directly insulting and offensive to most people in New Jersey.

Now, Governor Murphy is pressuring the Senate to vote against the will of the people by coercing senate leaders to add her name to the next voting session scheduled for Monday, April 15. Senators are being told this is a “Murphy Priority!” 

What can you do to stop her nomination again? 

1. Contact Senate President Nick Scutari by directly emailing and calling his office:, 732-827-7480. Urge him to remove Serena Rice’s nomination to the State Board of Education from the Senate Session voting agenda scheduled for Monday, April 15. As Senate President, he can tell Gov. Murphy that he is NOT allowing her nomination to be voted on. Emailing and calling Senator Scutari is our best course of action to stop this nomination. Don’t skip this step!  

2. Contact your state senator by completing the Action Alert form below by Monday, April 15. Senators need to hear from their constituents. This will force senators from both political parties to contact Senate President Scutari to tell him to remove her nomination. 

3. Forward this information to friends ASAP!

Your Info

1. Fill out form above for our system to locate your state senator
2. Click "Take Action"
3. On next page, go the bottom and use the email message provided or personalize the message to your legislator
4. Click "Send Email" 

Who is Serena Rice?  

Serena Rice has NO EXPERIENCE in education. She has never been a teacher and has never served on a school board. She was nominated because of her close personal relationship with the NJEA’s Associate Director for Government Relations - who testified about their friendship as a personal recommendation for Serena at the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 14.  

Serena Rice uses social media to proudly publicize her passionate activism in promoting transgender ideology onto all families and students. 

Examples include:

❌ She was "deeply bothered" by local moms and dads who run for school board under the slogan "respecting parents" In her view, she said, they are "reactionary candidates who want to make schools unsafe for queer kids under the misguided claim of protecting parental rights." Oct 21, 2023, Facebook 

❌ She claims parents who share their concerns and objections to their local school board regarding sexually explicit lessons are "making schools less safe for trans students" because of their "bigoted backlash to the NJ state curriculum standards." Nov 7, 2023, Facebook 

❌She shared and celebrated a post that claims mass shootings are not caused by mental health problems, but by "White males." Furthermore, "This is not a mental health problem. This is a white male patriarchy problem." Mass shootings are "more about racism, sexism, privilege, and entitlement than anything else." May 26, 2022, Facebook 

❌She stated since some athletes have "physical advantages" over other athletes, protecting girls from physically competing against biological males is "absurd" and it's "not a problem.... we should focus on REAL problems." May 6, 2021, Facebook 

❌She shared and endorsed a post that said "...I celebrate drag queens... and I am furious with those who don't." Furthermore, she personally said about those who don't support drag queen shows for young children, "I genuinely do not understand what people are afraid of from a particular subculture just existing in their spaces." March 8, 2023, Facebook 

❌She believes to reject transgender ideology is a sin. "Transphobia is a sin. Let us call out and denounce the sin of transphobia in our communities and institutions..." Jan 15, 2023, Facebook 

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