Encourage KY Senate to Pass Priority Pro-Family Bills Before Session Ends!

UPDATE: Late last night the Kentucky Senate passed an amended version of HB 278, by Rep. Matt Lockett, that protects kids from online pornography by requiring meaningful age verification! But please send an updated message below on SB 6 and HB 10 that still must pass the Senate.

We are in the final days of the 2024 General Assembly and several priority pro-family bills that would protect rights of conscience, ban discriminatory DEI policies, and protect children from harm need to pass the Kentucky Senate. Even if you have already taken action on these bills below, we need you to send an updated message to your State Senator and Senate Leadership - members of leadership ultimately determine what moves forward on the Senate floor

  • Concur on enhanced SB 6 than bans and defunds discriminatory DEI at public universities - should be passed with the stronger provisions that were added in the House
  • HB 10, the "Momnibus" bill by Rep. Moser, was amended in Senate committee to include 2 other important pro-life bills. The Senate needs to be encouraged to pass HB 10 as amended by the Senate Committee Sub that includes Perinatal Palliative Care & Safe Haven Baby Box!

    Please take action today, so that these important God-honoring bills can move forward with an opportunity to pass before the 2024 General Assembly ends.

    Urge the KY Senate to Pass Priority Pro-Family Bills

    Complete info below, then you can contact your State Sen. & Senate Leadership on the next page!

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