Serena Rice has been nominated by Governor Murphy for the NJ State Board of Education.

***Update - Serena Rice was pulled from the State Senate voting session agenda scheduled for Monday, March 18, 2024, because of the advocacy efforts of parents across New Jersey! Though her nomination will not move forward at this time, she might be scheduled for an upcoming Senate Senate session in the future. Please continue to use this form to contact your state senator. 

On Thursday, March 14, she was rushed through the Senate Judiciary Committee. Her name was posted on the public committee agenda after business hours on Wednesday, March 13 - only hours before her "public hearing". Why would the Chairman of the Committee, Senator Brian Stack (D-Jersey City) secretly rush her through the nomination process without proper public notice? 

She has repeatedly made anti-parent social media postings that are directly insulting and offensive to the majority of parents in New Jersey. Examples include:

  • She was "deeply bothered" by local moms and dads who run for school board under the slogan "respecting parents" In her view, she said, they are "reactionary candidates who want to make schools unsafe for queer kids under the misguided claim of protecting parental rights." Oct 21, 2023, Facebook
  • She claims parents who share their concerns and objections to their local school board regarding sexually explicit lessons are "making schools less safe for trans students" because of their "bigoted backlash to the NJ state curriculum standards." Nov 7, 2023, Facebook
  • She shared and celebrated a post that claims mass shootings are not caused by mental health problems, but by "White males." Furthermore, "This is not a mental health problem. This is a white male patriarchy problem." Mass shootings are "more about racism, sexism, privilege, and entitlement than anything else." May 26, 2022, Facebook
  • She stated since some athletes have "physical advantages" over other athletes, protecting girls from physically competing against biological males is "absurd" and it's "not a problem.... we should focus on REAL problems." May 6, 2021, Facebook
  • She shared and endorsed a post that said "...I celebrate drag queens... and I am furious with those who don't." Furthermore, she personally said about those who don't support drag queen shows for young children, "I genuinely do not understand what people are afraid of from a particular subculture just existing in their spaces." March 8, 2023, Facebook
  • She believes to reject transgender ideology is a sin. "Transphobia is a sin. Let us call out and denounce the sin of transphobia in our communities and institutions..." Jan 15, 2023, Facebook
This is not an exhaustive list. There are many more posts that are indicative of a divisive hostility towards families and students that do not share her beliefs regarding sex and gender.

Serena Rice proudly publicizes her passionate activism in trying to impose transgender ideology onto all families and students. 

Serena Rice has NO EXPERIENCE in education. She has never been a teacher and has never served on a school board.

She is a Far Left Activist being nominated by Governor Murphy to serve on the New Jersey State Board of Education.

This means she will be 1 of 13 people responsible for developing statewide guidelines, regulations, and standards for local school boards. 

Contact your state senator by using the form below to express your opposition to Serena Rice serving on the New Jersey State Board of Education. The State Senate has to vote on every nominee appointed by the governor. 

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