Colorado: Stop Schools from Transitioning Children

Colorado legislators may soon vote on a bill that would require Colorado schools to "socially transition" children suffering from gender dysphoria by requiring the use of the child’s preferred name.

The legislation would require the Colorado Department of Education to provide recommended policies for schools to implement “non-legal name change” practices locally. This represents a direct threat to parental rights and children’s safety.

Please fill out the form below and click Next Step to send your state legislators a message today telling them that you want them to oppose this bill because it is bad for Colorado, bad for schools, bad for education, bad for parents and bad for children.

Dear Representative/Senator:

Please oppose HB 24-1039 which would establish a policy requiring schools to socially transition children by the use of non-legal preferred names.

The legislation destroys parental rights. It would place the school in the role of parents and grant expansive powers to implement non-legal name changes under Colorado state law.

This legislation is bad for education, bad for schools, bad for families, and bad for Colorado.

Please oppose HB24-1039 should it come up for a vote


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