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Demand the MIAA Protect Female Athletes

The Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA), the governing body that makes the rules for school sports in Massachusetts, doesn’t allow boys to play on girls' teams when there’s a boys’ team available, because they know the safety issues this would pose – that is unless a boy identifies as a girl. When that happens, the MIAA requires schools to let boys play on the girls' team. In these cases, biological females are put at an unnecessary and increased risk of injury. Common sense tells us that girls should compete with other girls, yet the MIAA seems determined to prioritize ideology over the health of their female student-athletes.

How many more girls will get hurt before responsible adults take a stand to protect them? How many more girls will lose their seat on a team to a boy, or miss out on scholarship opportunities because they are forced to compete with biological males?

It’s time for the MIAA to do what is right. It’s time they protect girls' sports.

Click the Take Action link below to send an email to the MIAA and to sign the petition. Speak up to protect girls in sports!

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