Urge KY Legislators to Protect Religious Liberty

UPDATE: HB 47 has passed the House Judiciary Committee and now must pass the full KY House. SB 239 is set to be heard in the Senate Health Services Committee. Please contact your legislators in support HB 47 & SB 239!

Two important bills are seeking to protect religious liberty and rights of conscience in the Commonwealth.

HB 47 updates Kentucky's Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) with the strongest language from recent court cases and state legislation to ensure that it provides adequate protections for religious liberty. The Commonwealth's current law is the shortest of all 23 states that have one and that makes it vulnerable to misinterpretations that undermine religious liberty.

SB 239/HB 49 prevents doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from being forced to perform harmful or unethical procedures that violate their oath and conscience. Likewise, it enables patients to know that their doctors have full confidence in the treatments they recommend and perform.

Urge the KY General Assembly to Support HB 47 and HB 49/SB 239!

Complete info below, then you can contact your KY Legislators & House Leadership on the next page!

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