South Carolina: Urge the Legislature to Protect Children from Transgender Ideology

The South General Assembly is taking up a Help Not Harm bill this week: House Bill 4624 and we need you to speak up.

Children with gender dysphoria are being told that the only treatment option is gender “transition,” but we know these procedures are experimental and irreversibly harmful.

Send a message notifying South Carolina legislators that you expect them to protect South Carolina’s children and vote “Yes” on House Bill 4624.

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Subject: Please Support House Bill 4624

Dear Senator __________,

I am writing to ask you to support House Bill 4624. This bill protects our children from harmful gender transitions surgeries and procedures while providing a way for them to seek justice.

No child should undergo gender transition surgery that mutilates healthy body parts; nor should they be given hormone treatments such as puberty blockers to effectuate “gender transition.” House Bill 4624 protects them from such procedures and treatments and the irreversible, lifelong harm they cause.

Additionally, House Bill 4624 ensures that doctors who do perform these surgeries and treatments on children are held accountable by creating a right for children to sue and recover for the damage they have endured at the doctors’ hands.

Please support House Bill 4624 and protect the futures of our innocent children.


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