Encourage KY Legislators to Protect Tax Exempt Status for Churches

MUST READ COMMENTARY: Churches Should Not Be Turned Into Tax Collectors (Kentucky Today)

Churches serve an essential role in their communities, providing significant benefit through their ministry focus. That's why they deserve tax-exempt status...

However, churches with sports outreach ministries are now being forced to register with the state and become tax collectors. Also, we are being told that churches must collect sales taxes on Wednesday night prayer dinners and Bible study books. That's burdensome and hurts our Commonwealth.

House Bill 442, filed by Rep. James Tipton and Rep. Jennifer Decker, seeks to fix this and ensure that our churches and other nonprofits remain free to pursue their religious, charitable, and educational missions.

Please take action today to ensure Kentucky churches remain free to focus on their ministry.

Urge the KY General Assembly to Support HB 442!

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