Encourage KY Legislators to Protect Our Kids From Harm

UPDATE: SB 147, by Sen. Lindsey Tichener, has passed the Senate and must now move in the House. Also, Rep. Dietz filed HB 463 to protect children on social media. HB 463 has passed the House and is now in the Senate. The Family Foundation is appreciative that Rep. Dietz filed the legislation and is hopeful that it can be strengthened with parental consent and age verification requirements.

Sexually explicit content, along with social media, is harming our children and resulting in a mental health crisis. We need these bills to help us protect them!

  • SB 147 to protect children from sexually explicit businesses and performances.
  • HB 191 requires schools remove materials too sexually explicit to be read publicly at a school board meeting.
  • HB 241 requires age verification for porn websites.
  • HB 450 requires parental consent for children to use social media.

Please take action today, so that Kentucky can proactively protect our children and give parents the tools they need.

Urge the KY General Assembly to Protect Our Children!

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