Encourage KY Legislators to Love Them Both By Supporting Pro-Life, Pro-Woman Bills

UPDATE: HB 700 and 467, the "Love Them Both" Acts by Rep. Nemes and Rep. Tate have now been filed. HB 346, the Baby Olivia Act, has passed committee and must now be voted on by the full House. You can watch the powerful Baby Olivia video here

Despite efforts by pro-abortion advocates to re-legalize abortion in Kentucky, pro-life leaders in the General Assembly are moving forward on a number of important pro-life bills that would help Kentucky continue to build a compassionate pro-life culture.

These bills seek to seek to uphold human dignity, support mothers, and create of culture of life. HB 700 and 467, the "Love Them Both" Acts by Rep. Nemes and Rep. Tate have now been filed to provide compassionate and comprehensive support for non-viable pregnancies, fetal abnormalities, and those affected by sexual violence.

HB 380 by Rep. Nancy Tate would provide pro-life assistance for women, families, and our pro-life pregnancy care centers. HB 10 by Rep. Kim Moser would create the Kentucky Lifeline for Moms. HB 346, the Baby Olivia Act, by Rep. Tate would ensure schools teach important facts about human development by adding a video to health curriculum that shows the beautiful process of human development in the womb.

A full list of notable pro-life bills that need support can be found here. Please take action today to help ensure Kentucky moves forwards, not backwards, in building a culture of life that protects and supports both mom and child.

Urge the KY General Assembly to Support Pro-Life and Pro-Woman Bills!

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