Contact Your State Legislators and tell them to VOTE NO on Senate bill 2421 / Assembly bill 3446 "Freedom to Distribute Obscene Materials to Minors Act."

If Senate bill 2421/Assembly bill 3446 becomes law, distributing obscene materials to children in New Jersey will remain illegal - except for teachers and librarians. They will be exempt from the current state law that prohibits adults from knowingly showing, exhibiting, and promoting obscene materials to children in school. 

What else does the "Freedom to Distribute Obscene Materials to Minors Act" do?

Removes Local Control by mandating EIGHT different requirements local boards of education must adopt “at a minimum” to give all decision making power to determine what is sexually explicit to librarians and NOT parents.  Section 4

Silences parents from expressing their disagreements regarding the decisions made by school librarians and teachers to distribute obscene material as defined in the law. This bill states parents can be held financially liable for court and attorney's fees for objecting to the actions of librarians and teachers. Section 7

Grants “protective class status”  to library media specialists and teaching staff members (similar to race, religion, national origin, gender, age, disability, etc…) under the New Jersey Law Against Discrimination - preventing local school boards from holding them accountable for distributing obscene sexually explicit materials to children.  Section 14

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