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Encourage Your Senator to Take Action:
Protect Children Online Following 1/31 Senate Judiciary Hearing with Big Tech CEOs

Tech platforms knowingly facilitate the sexual exploitation of children online. The evidence is astounding – that’s why the Senate Judiciary Committee called 5 Big Tech CEOs to appear
on January 31 at 10:00AM ET. CEOs from Discord, Meta, Snap, TikTok, and X had to answer for why, for example, Wall Street Journal, found that algorithms on social media platforms are designed to push sexual content to adults and encourage them to connect with children. Four Senate bills are essential to protect children online and Leader Chuck Schumer could bring them to a vote any day: EARN IT Act (S. 1207); STOP CSAM Act (S. 1199); SHIELD Act (S. 412); and  Kids Online Safety Act (S. 1409) need to pass soon to move to House for consideration. 

Take action to tell your Senator, to co-sponsor this legislation and demand Leader Schumer bring the bills up for a vote. 

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