Support Educational Freedom! Encourage KY Legislators to Support School Choice Amendment

UPDATE: HB 2, KY's educational choice amendment, passed the KY House 65-32 and now heads to Senate! Please contact your KY Senator & Leadership below.

Education always works best when parents are empowered with educational choices for their children. No one is in a better position to make decisions for a child’s educational needs than the child’s parents.

Due to a Kentucky Supreme Court decision restricting educational options for families, a school choice constitutional amendment must be passed to ensure Kentucky families have the full educational opportunities they need to meet the needs of their children. More than 30 states have educational choice programs, and Kentucky is the only state in the region without an active school choice program. It’s time for the General Assembly to support educational freedom for every family by passing a school choice amendment and give Kentuckians an opportunity to pass this amendment in November.

Act today to tell your KY legislators to support a school choice amendment!

Complete info below, then you can contact your State Sen. & Senate Leadership on the next page!

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