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Parental rights are being challenged daily and the challenges are mounting. Unfortunately, there is now federal and state court precedent eroding parental rights. Senate Bill 46 goes to the heart of the matter by codifying parental rights as a fundamental right, providing guidance to state entities and the courts to uphold parental rights.

Sadly, liberal groups are fighting hard at the Statehouse to prevent parental rights from being codified in Indiana law. Since the 2024 legislative session began, SB 46 has faced several challenges, and is now being held hostage. It is absolutely essential that you reach out to your senators to let them know you stand in favor of parental rights. Your voice matters.

Forces inside the Statehouse want to remove the language in SB 46 that recognizes parental rights as fundamental rights; parents should have their right to direct their children’s education, religious instruction, healthcare, and mental healthcare. The opposition is alarming for many reasons.

Please stand up to protect Hoosier families by contacting your senator and imploring your elected official to support parental rights. Click below to contact your senator:

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