Encourage KY Legislators to Stand Firm for Life & Recommit to Protect Every Preborn Life!

UPDATE: With about a month left in the 2024 Session, we are hearing increased chatter about the possibility of the Kentucky General Assembly re-legalizing some abortions. Concerningly, three Republican Representatives filed HB 711 which adds exceptions to Kentucky's current pro-life laws. But abortion is NOT the answer to rape, incest, or a preborn child's life-limiting diagnosis. Abortion doesn't remove the suffering, trauma, or difficulty of the situation. These pregnant mothers and families are in need of compassionate pro-life support that respects the dignity of all.

Planned Parenthood, America's largest abortion provider, recently spent a historical amount on a slate of deceptive campaign ads promoting abortion exceptions and filed another legal challenge to the Commonwealth's pro-life laws. This pressure has sparked a serious effort by some to undermine Kentucky's lifesaving laws and re-legalize abortion. While the recent legal challenge has been withdrawn, a new plaintiff is being recruited so that they can keep up the pressure. Together, we must continue to resist the pro-abortion movement’s calls to abandon, weaken, or otherwise undermine the Commonwealth’s lifesaving laws by moving Kentucky forward with a compassionate pro-life culture that does not retreat from or forsake our moral authority.

Rape victims deserve to be shown compassion; see justice done; and find support within a safe environment where they can receive the emotional, mental, and physical care that they need to heal. But, true justice can never be accomplished by denying equal protection under the law and killing an innocent preborn child, regardless of the circumstances of the child’s conception.

Urge the KY General Assembly to Stand Firm for Life & Resist Calls to Abandon Kentucky's Lifesaving Laws!

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