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Help Stop the Abortion Expansion Bill!

The MA legislature is considering HB1599/SB1114, titled An Act Enhancing Access to Abortion Care which would eliminate nearly all restrictions on abortion in Massachusetts.

If passed this bill would undermine parental rights by allowing girls of ANY age to get an abortion without parental knowledge, would eliminate the judicial bypass that grants a judge the authority to allow a girl under age 16 to obtain an abortion without parental consent, and would prohibit school-based health centers from telling parents about any abortion services provided to their daughter.

It would also allow minors to consent to vaccines, including the COVID, HPV, and other vaccines, or other treatments without parental knowledge or permission.

This bill would also do away with the conscientious objection exemption to performing some abortions. Doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals would be forced to perform abortions against their sincerely held religious or conscientious objections.

Further, this bill would put unfair restrictions on pregnancy resource center that provide help to women in need and would also authorize the Department of Public Health to use taxpayer funds to promote abortion clinics and smear pregnancy resource centers.

Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose the dangerous Abortion Expansion bill that would put women, especially young women, at risk, trample parental rights, deny medical professionals their right to act according to their conscience, violate the free speech of pregnancy resource centers, and eliminate any restrictions on abortion.  

Click the Take Action link below for a phone or email script. The phone number of your representative is listed on the Take Action page. If using the call option, please record the result, and then click Save Call Data. Or you can choose the email option with our talking points to email your representative. 

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