Support the Bill to Protect Kids from Explicit Materials in Schools

SB 7 Would Empower Parents and Protect Students 

Senate Bill 7, sponsored by Senator Ryan Aument, would protect children from sexually explicit materials in schools. It would simply require schools to notify parents about materials that are sexually explicit and require their child be given a non-explicit alternative. Children will automatically be opted-out. If parents wish for their children to have access to this material, they will have the ability to opt-in. 

Parents across Pennsylvania have found disturbing sexual materials in their children’s school books - materials so explicit they cannot be read in a public school board meeting or need a content disclaimer in a Senate Education committee meeting; yet, children are given explicit materials unacceptable for adults to view at work! Senator Aument shared just a few examples of some of those materials on a webpage here which contains blurred copies of the original materials.

This bill is common sense and shows respect to parents who know their children best and know that educational concepts can be taught without the need to expose children to explicit materials. SB 7 protects children and supports a flourishing educational environment. 

SB 7 has passed the State Senate and is heading to the State House. 

Email your State Representative and ask for them to support the Protecting kids from Sexually Explicit Content in Schools Act SB 7.

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