Parents Deserve to Know: Support the Curriculum Transparency Bill

Many parents are shocked to learn about disturbing, inappropriate or activist political materials and messages being taught to their children — after the fact — without their knowledge.

Many public schools make it extremely difficult to review materials. Sometimes it’s hard to even know what to ask for. There are also waiting periods, in-person review requirements, and requirements that an employee be taken away from their usual tasks in order to watch a parent review material, among other unnecessarily burdensome limits.

SB 340 would simply allow for parents to easily access what materials are being used to teach their children. SB 340 specifically requires the school districts to post on their website a link to textbook titles, course syllabus, summary of each offered instructional course, and the state academic standards for each course offered by the school.  

Informed parents and guardians drastically improve educational outcomes. Transparency in education benefits students, parents and guardians, teachers, administrators, and in the end, society. Of course, transparency also builds more trust between parents and school districts and it deters those few who may wish to use their government positions to coerce and indoctrinate students with their personal ideologies as well. 

P.S. - Individual school districts can and should pass policies to increase transparency, too. For more information, see 

SB 340 has passed the State Senate and now goes to the State House. 

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