Tell Amazon to Ban Cruel Traps!
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Tell Amazon to Ban Cruel Traps!

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We, the undersigned, are deeply concerned to find that cruel animal traps are being sold on We believe that these items should be removed from the site with immediate effect and that they be prohibited from future sale. 

Reviews left on Amazon by verified customers provide distressing images of the animals killed by these traps and accounts of the suffering caused by these items.

The types of trap that can be purchased on your site include snares, Conibear traps which are used to crush the bodies of animals or hold them underwater until they drown, and leghold traps, which snap shut on an animal’s leg, causing injury and stress. Traps are indiscriminate, cruel, and undeniably cause animal suffering.  

Notwithstanding the extreme cruelty of these contraptions, there are potentially serious legal implications to their unrestricted sale on sites such as yours. Every state in the US requires trappers to be licensed when trapping under certain circumstances – sometimes even on private land – and some also mandate that trappers participate in an educational course prior to being issued a license. 

The use of snares is illegal in 12 states across the country, but they can be purchased without restriction from your site. Bear leghold traps are illegal for use in all 50 US states but are also for sale without restriction from your company. Indeed, despite the legal landscape relating to traps being complex and a license being required in many, if not most, instances of trapping, there are no restrictions whatsoever to their sale on Amazon. 

We implore you to take immediate action to end the sale of these items, which cause untold suffering to countless innocent animals. 

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