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Pro-abortion activists are targeting pro-life pregnancy resource centers (PRCs) in Worcester. At the direction of the City Council, Worcester’s city solicitor drafted two proposed ordinances that would trample on the free speech rights of PRCs. 

One proposed ordinance would fine PRCs hundreds of dollars for engaging in “deceptive advertising” while giving Planned Parenthood free rein, while another would force PRCs to put unnecessary disclaimers on everything they publish. 

There’s only one problem for the pro-abortion activists: Even the city solicitor has stated publicly that he does not believe that these ordinances are constitutional.

Whether you live in Worcester or not, please contact the Worcester City Council members and ask them to vote NO on these unconstitutional, unnecessary, and unfair ordinances attacking charitable PRCs that help women in need.

Click the Take Action link below for a phone or email script. The phone numbers of the City Council members are listed on the Take Action page. If using the call option, please call each member, record the result, and then click Save Call Data. Or you can choose the email option with our talking points to email City Council members. 

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