Urge the Jefferson County School Board to follow the LAW!

The Jefferson County Public School Board is currently considering their response to SB 150's protections against "not only instruction on human sexuality or sexually transmitted diseases for children in grades 5 or below, but also instruction, for any grade level, on gender identity, gender expression, or sexual orientation.”

Unfortunately, JCPS is discussing blatantly violating the law. The July 6 Opinion of the Attorney General (OAG 23-04) is clear about what SB 150 requires and already clearly addresses the specific issues the board is discussing. Numerous Kentucky court decisions have declared that Opinions of the Attorney General are to be given “great weight” and that “government officials are expected to abide by the opinion until a court decrees otherwise or the legislature changes the law.”

School districts and officials who refuse to abide by the Opinion willingly violate the law, ignore Kentucky’s courts, and subject themselves to legal consequences. In the process, they also greatly erode the public trust.

If you live in Jefferson County, it is vital that they hear from you!

Follow the law & stop LGBTQ indoctrination in schools!

Complete info below, then you can contact the the Jefferson Co. Board of Education & Superintendent on the next page!

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