OPPOSE the Expansion of Predatory Sports Gambling in NC!
State lawmakers are considering a bill that would legalize predatory sports gambling in North Carolina. The more gambling is legalized and advertised, the more citizens will gamble, especially young people. This will inevitably lead to a significant increase in gambling addiction and all of the related problems that go along with it, including: theft, embezzlement, job loss, personal bankruptcy, substance abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, divorce, and even suicide.

HB 347—Sports Wagering has already passed the N.C. House. Please enter your information below to identify your member of the N.C. Senate, and then call to urge him or her to OPPOSE the legalization of predatory sports gambling in North Carolina.

(Use the information below to help while making your call. After your call, please let us know who you spoke with and what they said by completing the section below your Senator's name - Thank You!)

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