Protect Our Children - Oppose SB 47, the Flawed Marijuana Law!

Help Us Stop the Flawed "Medical" Marijuana Bill that Legalizes Its Use for Children & Requires Schools to Allow Use on Campus!

SB 47 is a greatly flawed bill that would legalize so-called "medical" marijuana.

There are plenty of reasons to vote against this bill... even if you are willing to overlook the fact that marijuana has not yet been proven to be safe and effective for medical purposes; or ignore the fact that the founder of NORML, the prominent marijuana lobbying group, admitted that they are using medical marijuana "as a red herring to give marijuana a good name."

Here are some of SB 47's biggest flaws:

  • Legalizes marijuana use for children
  • Interferes with Local Schools
    • Requires public elementary & secondary schools to allow marijuana use on campus.
    • Prevents private schools, including religious, from prohibiting their students from using marijuana.
  • Enforcement Problems
    • Allows the Cabinet to grant patient ID cards & cannabis business licenses even if the applicant falsified information, was convicted of a disqualifying felony, or had a previous license revoked for violating the law.
    • Doesn't require the Cabinet to suspend or revoke a cannabis business license, despite multiple violations or a serious violation of the law.
  • A Few Other Issues
    • Allows for the purchase of marijuana in its raw plant form, which likely lead to it being smoked.
    • The doctor-patient "relationship" may be maintained via telehealth.

Urge your representatives to oppose SB 47 -- the flawed & harmful marijuana bill!

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