Home School Families Deserve the Same Opportunities

Home School families make a significant financial investment in their child’s future by depending on one source of income as the other parent teaches their child traditional academics. These families that decide not to use the government schools must still pay their local property taxes to fund the programs, facilities, and staff.  

Yet, when these home school families want their child to participate in extra curricula activities, many of them are being denied access to the drama, sports, and clubs their child’s peers participate in and their tax dollars support. In New Jersey, local school districts may allow home school children to participate in extra curricular activities, but they are not required to. This means that some districts allow home school students to be on sports teams and in drama clubs, but others do not. 

We believe a child’s zip code should not determine what opportunities they have access to. 

That is why we have been strongly advocating for Assembly bill 1041 - Requires school districts to allow home-schooled students to participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities in the student's resident district.

his bill was reported favorably out of the Assembly Education Committee on
May 19, 2022, with 
overwhelming bi-partisan support of 6 -1. Unfortunately, the bill has not been scheduled for a full Assembly vote for nearly ten months.

We need you to
take action on behalf of home school families by contacting the office of Assemblyman Craig Coughlin (D – Woodbridge)
. He is the Speaker of the Assembly and decides when and if a bill is posted for a vote in the Assembly chamber.

After completing the online form (below) to email his office, please call his office and let them know you want him to post Assembly bill 1041 for a vote.

Call Assemblyman Coughlin's office today!
732 -855-7441


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