Say NO to Rep. Kenyatta’s House Bill 300, which would harm privacy rights, religious freedom

Take Action: Contact your State Senator today to oppose House Bill 300, a bill that threatens privacy and religious freedom. 

Summary: HB 300 was introduced by Rep. Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia) and other Democrat members of the LGBTQ Caucus and is on a fast track. It is critical that your State Senator hear from you ASAP to oppose both of this bill.

Everyone deserves the right to be treated with dignity and respect. But HB 300 would instead make harmful changes to our state non-discrimination law by creating special protected classes for “sexual orientation” and gender identity” thereby creating a host of consequences that impact religious freedom and privacy rights. The state non-discrimination law (the Human Relations Act) was enacted in 1955 to prohibit discrimination on the basis of color or national origin. Its broad scope affects public accommodations - including schools, businesses, health care and more. It also affects employment and housing.

Female athletes would be forced to compete against biological men and would lose their right to privacy in spaces like bathrooms, locker rooms, dorms, and shelters. Religious entities such as Christian schools and ministries could lose the right to exercise their convictions about human sexuality in employment and more. Creative professionals could be forced to engage in messages that violate their conscience. Medical doctors could be forced to prescribe hormones or perform sex reassignment surgeries. Women’s shelters could be forced to admit biological men who identify as women.

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