Support the Lifeline Scholarships and Fund Students, Not Systems

Take Action: Help students in struggling schools by asking your State Representative and State Senator to support Lifeline Scholarship Accounts. 

Summary: Senate Bill 795 would make Lifeline Scholarships available to children who live in failing school zones. This scholarship would be an absolute game changer for families in Harrisburg, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and elsewhere in Pennsylvania where school districts fall in the bottom 15 percent of performance metrics based on state testing. 

Students that live within the attendance area of a low-achieving school deserve access to the educational alternatives like Lifeline Scholarship Accounts. It could be used toward tuition, fees, and textbooks.

Lifeline Scholarship Accounts would directly fund students, helping families with children in the lowest-rated school districts choose a school where that child can thrive educationally. There is built-in accountability because we know that ultimately parents know which schools best serve the needs of their children. Parents have the right to choose where their children attend school and we should empower more parents to provide their child a better solution for success in education.

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