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Tell Your State Lawmakers: No Deal on Retail Marijuana in Gov. Shapiro's Budget
Pennsylvania needs real budget solutions, not more vices that cause more harm. 

Marijuana use is harmful, more adults and children are using and becoming addicted, and increasing its accessibility for “recreational” use increases those harms. In states experimenting with the retail sale of marijuana for non-medical use, we’re seeing many of these negative consequences, especially with the retail sale of high-potency marijuana products that can be 99% THC.

There is evidence that shows more traffic accidents, more children ending up in the ER and more teen and young adults are using in states that fully legalize.1 The marijuana industry is using the same harmful playbook as Big Tobacco to attract a new generation of users becoming addicted to their harmful products. This is especially why medical organizations, addiction treatment centers and law enforcement oppose the legalization of a currently Schedule 1 federal narcotic like marijuana.

It’s simply bad policy to rely on revenues from a vice like marijuana for a state budget. Yet Gov. Josh Shapiro is creating bigger government by included marijuana in his budget proposal, with little detail besides a 20% wholesale tax, which would be one of the highest in the country - welcomed by the black market.

No amount of tax “revenue” is worth the sacrifice of our children and communities, and the push for legalization neglects the real costs incurred with such action. In Colorado, one analysis found $4.50 in costs for every $1 brought in by tax revenue.2

Take Action: Please use this form to contact your State Senator and State Representative urging them to oppose any state budget that includes the harmful retail sale of marijuana for non-medical purposes.


1. “Following recreational legalization adolescent and young adult past-month cannabis use prevalence increased.” 2023 Study, Temple University
2. Centennial Institute, Economic and Social Costs of Legalized Marijuana.

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