Stop the Expansion of Predatory Gambling -- Say No to House Bill 551 

URGENT UPDATE: The KY House has passed HB 551, it's now up the KY Senate to stop HB 551 - the largest expansion of predatory gambling in Kentucky's history. Take action below to urge your Senator and Senate leadership to stand strong against expanded gambling in HB 551!

Legislators must understand that gambling targets the family, businesses lose, the government is corrupted, and the vulnerable are destroyed. The cost is too high... even if it might result in a few deposits to Kentucky's General Fund. Let's not shift money out of the hands of our families and into the hands of the gambling industry, turn Kentucky's athletes into pawns, corrupt government, or bring more hardship to our vulnerable citizens.

It is also worth mentioning that this so called "sports betting" bill is much more expansive than it claims, actually allowing betting to take place on "any event".

Please complete info below to identify your KY Senator and Leadership - then send your email on the next page!

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