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Strengthen Parental Rights in Indiana!

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In Indiana, parental rights are under assault by activists and the Cox Family is a prime example.    

They did nothing wrong, yet they lost custody of their child...merely because they believe that a boy is a boy.  This is possible because of the conscious and intentional undermining of parental rights under the banner of transgender activism.

Thankfully, Indiana House Bill 1407 will address this issue and correct it. HB 1407 will enshrine parental rights as a fundamental right in state law and specify that children cannot be removed from their home merely because their parents refer to them as their biological sex.  

Parental rights are fundamental rights.  Boys are boys and girls are girls.  Please help us protect hoosier families by emailing your legislator and asking him or her to support HB 1407, a bill to strengthen parental rights in Indiana.

Fill out the form below, which will allow you to email your legislator and let him or her know that you support HB 1407.

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Thank you for your help in protecting Hoosier families.

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