Stop Beshear's LGBTQ Indoctrination of Our Children!

Gov. Andy Beshear’s administration is taking a page right out of the Biden administration’s playbook and implementing it right here in Kentucky’s schools. The Kentucky Department of Education (KDE) has created an LGBTQ “toolkit” that promotes radical sexual ideology (like the “genderbread person”) and tramples parental rights. This radical toolkit even includes transgender pronoun "guidance" and it is being pushed on all of Kentucky's public schools.

The KDE, under the leadership of Commissioner Jason Glass, is endeavoring to force upon children the LGBTQ worldview, all the while keeping their parents in the dark. Thus, stripping parents of the right to exhibit authority over their children and ensure that what their children are being taught is true. With this action, Beshear is undermining parental authority and assaulting parents’ rights in every public school.

In Anderson County, a staff member who raised concerns and blew the whistle to inform parents was suspended from his job. The Family Foundation spoke out on the behalf of him and concerned parents at local community informational and school board meetings. This is just the beginning... it is coming to all of Kentucky's public schools.

We must stop the LGBTQ indoctrination of our children! The KDE must fully RESCIND this LGBTQ Toolkit and Guidance immediately!

Complete info below, then you can contact Gov. Beshear and Commissioner Glass on the next page!

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